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Learn how to get involved in the Filecoin Community

The Filecoin community includes thousands of developers, technologists, users, and enthusiasts all over the world. There are many ways to get involved in the Filecoin community:

  1. Attend an event
  2. Join a meetup group
  3. Contribute to the Filecoin project. You can dive into our codebase (go-filecoin, rust-fil-proofs) and contribute to the Filecoin Project by filing issues and submitting PRs
  4. Participate in one of many online forums about Filecoin
  5. Help mine or build on the Filecoin protocol
  6. Learn more with tutorials on ProtoSchool


Filecoin Documentation

Filecoin project documentation homepage offers all the necessary resources to learn about Filecoin, the software and the tools to contribute to the network.

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Filecoin Github

Contribute to Filecoin and help improve it by engaging in the Filecoin Github repository.

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Filecoin 2020 Mainnet Ignition & Liftoff

This covers the timeline of the Filecoin Mainnet Ignition & Liftoff.

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Filecoin Network Status

This dashboard provides the latest update of the FIlecoin Network.

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Filecoin Chain

This dashboard provides the latest update of the Filecoin Chain.

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Filecoin Forums

This is a public forum to discuss anything relating to the Filecoin protocol, implementation, community, and more.

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Filecoin Research

This website describes breakthroughs underpinning the Filecoin protocol, as well as future areas of exploration.

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Filecoin Cryptoeconomics Overview

This report describes the components of the Filecoin economy and how they interact.

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Filecoin Tutorials (ProtoSchool)

This is a self-guided interactive Filecoin tutorial designed to introduce decentralized web concepts, protocols, and tools.

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Filecoin Blog

Stay updated on the latest Filecoin announcements.

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