Filecoin Grants

Filecoin Foundation awards grant funding for development projects to foster a more decentralized, efficient, and robust foundation for humanity’s information.

Grants support a wide range of projects — from developer and data tooling and integrations to applications and research — that benefit ecosystem participants like developers and storage providers.

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Grants and Funding Opportunities

Filecoin Foundation is seeking proposals for developer and data tooling, integrations, research and protocols, storage, retrieval, and the Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM). These grants fall under the following categories.

    Open Grants

    Open Grants support projects that drive the Filecoin ecosystem forward, including projects that enhance the network's utility or improve Filecoin functionality. Refer to GitHub for more details.

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    Documentation Grants

    Grants are available to support the creation of new resources related to the Filecoin network or the improvement of existing documentation. Refer to GitHub for more details.

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    Requests for Proposals

    Request for Proposals (RFP) grants have clearly scoped deliverables, milestones, and funding limits. Refer to GitHub for any ongoing RFPs.

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Past Recipients

Grant Graduates

  • Cavalry Logo


    Cavalry is 2D animation software for Mac and Windows.

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  • FileDrive Logo


    FileDrive is focused on research and development for distributed storage on the Filecoin network.

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  • Fileverse Logo


    Fileverse is a Web3 file-sharing tool leveraging peer-to-peer storage networks like IPFS.

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  • Museum of Crypto Art Logo

    Museum of Crypto Art (M○C△)

    The Museum of Crypto Art is an art preservation tool and community of artists, collectors, and developers.

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  • OpSci Logo


    Opscientia (OpSci) is an open source DeSci project leveraging the power of Web3 to grow, sustain, and continuously improve a decentralized science movement to drive progress in scientific research, making it easier for scientists around the world to share data.

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  • Portrait Logo


    Portrait is an open-source web page builder that lets you turn your blockchain address into a website.

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Application Process

The Filecoin Grants Process

  • 1

    Submit a Proposal

    After reviewing the grant criteria, create a new issue using the proposal template on GitHub.

  • 2

    Proposal Review

    Proposals are reviewed on a three-month cycle, including a preliminary and final review. Preliminary results will be shared by the end of the next month after the submission date. Final decisions will be shared by the end of the following month.

  • 3

    Agreement and Funding

    Accepted applications are formalized with an agreement between Filecoin Foundation and grant applicant.


Submission Criteria

Generally, all projects must meet the following requirements:


    All projects must be open-sourced.

    MIT and APACHE2

    All projects must be dual-licensed under MIT and APACHE2 licenses.


    All teams must be self-managed.

Ready to Apply?

Please visit our GitHub repo to learn more about the proposal process, review process, timeline guidance, and more. For other questions, email or join our monthly office hours!

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