Let’s build the internet of everyone

Filecoin Foundation is the steward of the Filecoin community. We aspire to put the power of humanity’s most important information back into the hands of everyone.

What we do

We exist to help people build their vision on Filecoin and to support the growth of the decentralized web

Filecoin Foundation (FF) and Lockheed Martin are working together to develop a program for deploying the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) in space.

Dev Grants

We fund talented and eager teams that want to work with us to build a more robust, efficient, and decentralized web.

We're enabling more contributors to solve open problems and engage with the Filecoin project.
Dive deeper
Join our talks, community meetings, and other events. To explore them, visit our Youtube channel.

FIL Austin

The first major IRL meetup of the Filecoin Community gathered hundreds of contributors from across the Filecoin ecosystem.

DWeb Gateway @ Davos

The Decentralized Web Gateway brings together leaders, thinkers and activists to discuss the evolution of the internet and its ramifications for society.