Filecoin Orbit Community Program

With the Orbit program, we're on a mission to open the doors to a better internet for everyone. This community-led initiative invites you to join us in spreading the word about groundbreaking technologies like Filecoin and Interplanetary FileSystem (IPFS)

Whether you're passionate about hosting events, organizing hackathons, or sharing your expertise, there's a place for you here. From university workshops to community-led international conferences, our community is shaping the next generation of builders and innovators.

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Orbit Program Goals

  • A speaker presenting on stage with a large screen displaying a newspaper front page and a tech event banner.


    Orbit educates interested stakeholders about Filecoin and its technologies

  • Group of five people standing on stage holding certificates of appreciation with a "Tech Fantasy" event banner in the background


    This program inspires the Filecoin community to build and develop on the network

  • Audience seated in a large auditorium, attentively watching a presentation.

    Identify Opportunities

    Orbit identifies opportunities to improve the Filecoin ecosystem


Key Statistics Since 2020

  • 145+

    Orbit Ambassadors active worldwide

  • 10,000+

    Early-career developers, students, and enthusiasts introduced to the Filecoin ecosystem

  • 190+

    Workshops and community hackathons hosted

  • 40+

    Countries that have hosted Orbit events

Upcoming Events

Global Orbit Events

All Orbit events are free to attend! Come meet the members of your Filecoin community in our upcoming events.

Program Perks

Orbit Program Features & Perks

  • Funding and Promotion

    Host events in your community with funding and promotion from the Filecoin Foundation.

  • Content Creation

    Create tutorials, translate technical documentation and serve as administrators for community communication channels.

  • Exclusive Rewards

    Earn points through Orbit activities to unlock limited edition swag, travel reimbursements to network events, speaking slots at FIL-city events, spot at invite-only workshops and Hacker Bases.

  • Ecosystem Recognition

    Cement yourself and your organization as key contributors to the Filecoin Ecosystem!

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Hear From Our Ambassadors

A group of people standing together at the Austin Web3 Filecoin Meetup Group event. They are indoors, and behind them is a screen displaying the event name and logo. The group consists of men and women, casually dressed, smiling and posing for the photo.

Filecoin Orbit Austin has become a hub for developers, students, and startups in Texas! From monthly meetups to web3 developer workshops, the Austin Orbit group has on-boarded hundreds of individuals and companies to the Filecoin ecosystem.

We focus on real-world use cases and tools developers can use today to build cost-effective, resilient systems. Join us for the main Filecoin Orbit event in North America at ETH Denver!

Alex Mirran, Logan Lentz & Dante Cullari

Austin, USA

A man and a woman posing and making peace signs at a Filecoin event booth. The man is sitting and wearing a green high-visibility vest, while the woman is standing and wearing a black 'LabWeek23' t-shirt. The booth has a purple backdrop with Filecoin branding and information, including a depiction of a cityscape. Bottles of water and promotional materials are on the table in front of them.

I met the Filecoin team IRL for the first time at ETHIndia'22 and got onboarded as a Filecoin Orbit Ambassador. Since then, I've actively contributed by hosting sessions and workshops.

Filecoin sponsored our Hack4Bengal Season 2 hackathon, attracting quality projects. Witnessing increased participation from Kolkata at ETHIndia'23 after participating in local workshops and hackathons.

This year during FILBangalore & ETHIndia'23 I had the opportunity to host an IPFS workshop and mentored at the booth, which was a great experience for me.

Manish Kumar Barnwal

Kolkata, India

A speaker presenting at a Web3FC event in Barcelona, Spain. The presenter is standing in front of a screen displaying a slide about 'Storage Provider Loan Markets' and 'What becomes possible with FVM?'. The audience is seated and listening attentively, with some taking notes on laptops. The room is well-lit with modern decor, and a camera is set up on a tripod to record the event.

We hosted a FVM talk during the 2nd Edition of Web3FC. Pavel Fedotov, a dev building on Filecoin, presented the project to the community.

It was a nice start in collaborating with Filecoin/IPFS/ProtocolLabs who are doing extremely valuable work for the decentralized space.

We are excited to now welcome Robert Dowling in our next conference edition in Barcelona on April 17-19 to further raise awareness, educate and foster collaborations.

Adrien Be

Barcelona, Spain

A large group of people posing for a group photo outside a building at the Filecoin Orbit Community event in Tanzania. Many of the attendees are wearing white Filecoin t-shirts. Some individuals in the front row are holding large checks as awards for various projects. The group is standing in front of a building with large windows and plants in the foreground.

The journey from participating in a hackathon to spearheading Filecoin events in Lagos. Which led me to host the inaugural Filecoin Voyage Anniversary in Lagos, then FIL Lagos—the first of its kind city event dedicated to Filecoin. The momentum didn't stop there. The Dare Salem Hackathon, led by Martin, showcased the creativity and innovation thriving within the Filecoin ecosystem.

Witnessing the expansion into other African Nations i.e. Tanzania, Ethiopia, Morocco, Ghana, FIL Capetown in South Africa has been nothing short of exhilarating, coupled with the leadership figure like Juan Benet continues to drive innovation and connectivity across borders.

Here's to the exciting ventures that lie ahead as we continue to explore great possibilities.

Enoch Mbaebie & Martin Kyanja

Lagos, Nigeria & Dare Salem, Tanzania

A group of people seated in a brightly lit room with colorful chairs at an event in Buenos Aires. A woman in the foreground is smiling and holding a drink, while others around her are engaged and listening. The room has a vibrant atmosphere with neon lighting and artwork on the walls.

We hosted a side event on November 9, 2023 in Buenos Aires, Argentina as a side event for LaBitConf - one of the biggest blockchain conferences in the southern hemisphere.

The event's goal was to discuss how Storage provider works and Filecoin's technology overall to the attendees of LaBitConf. Our main speaker, Emmanuel Murano, who has previously worked in Filecoin's projects on behalf of Zondax gave a very interesting chat that spurred a lot of technical and non-technical discussions.

Definitely one for the books!

Laura Angel & Flor Delgado (Zondax)

Buenos Aires, Argentina

A large group of attendees posing for a group photo at the Orbit China Decentralized Storage Roadshow in Shenzhen. They are holding various signs with logos and names of different organizations like Filecoin Foundation, Protocol Labs, ND Labs, and Origin Storage. The background displays a large banner with the event name and sponsors, in both Chinese and English. The attendees are smiling and standing together in a well-lit conference room.

New Web Group Team became the first batch of ambassadors for the Orbit project in 2022 and has since been dedicated to the development of the Orbit community.

We organized Orbit Meetup events sponsored by FF in November 2022 and FVM Hack Day events in February 2023. Subsequently, we actively participated in the volunteer activities of Fil Hongkong in April and co-hosted an FVM event with ND Labs during the event.

In September, we participated in the Fil Dev Summit Singapore event, serving as a volunteer leader. In the same year, we jointly became leaders of the Orbit Greater China region with ND Labs, establishing Twitter, event accounts, and a Notion page for the Chinese region. We also assisted in the overall planning of the Orbit Community for 2023, recruited new ambassadors in the Chinese region, and promoted the organization of offline activities.

In January 2024, We hosted the Orbit China Decentralized Storage Roadshow Shenzhen event sponsored by FF. Orbit is an incredible journey where everyone can ignite new sparks of innovation and collaboration. Through this project, I have firsthand experience of the transformative power of community, propelling me towards greater creativity and growth.

Fiona Lee

Shenzhen, China

A large group of students and organizers posing for a group photo in a classroom in India. They are all smiling and wearing ID badges, with some in white shirts featuring a logo. The room has a bright yellow-green color with a whiteboard and projector screen in the background.

We hosted FVM, IPFS & Filecoin workshops across IITs, NITs, IIITs & other top public & private universities in India. Actively building Dev & students community in web3.

Alongside, we hosted hackathons in collaboration with universities to promote web3 tools & infrastructure and also helped to build projects.

In 2023, we visited 20+ universities and also had a chance to host Robert at IIT Bombay, IIT Madras, and IIT Goa events. Had a great time interacting with the new age devs and collaborating with the universities.

Bharath Pinaboyina


Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find info about the Filecoin Orbit 2021 conference?

If you’re looking for the Filecoin Orbit 2021 virtual conference celebrating the first year of Filecoin Mainnet, the event recordings are on YouTube.

How do I become an Orbit Ambassador?

  1. Review the responsibilities associated with serving as a Filecoin Orbit Ambassador. 
  2. Complete the application form. After submitting, your application will undergo review. Keep an eye on your email for updates on the status of your application and next steps. This may take up to two weeks.
  3. If your application is accepted, you will receive an approval email and a signing request from DocuSign with an ambassador agreement.
  4. Once the agreement is signed, you'll receive a follow-up email containing everything you need to know to be an active ambassador. Plus, you'll gain access to our exclusive Ambassadors Lounge, packed with valuable resources and information.

What are the Orbit Ambassador responsibilities?

  1. Follow the processes and procedures on the right timeline to organize community meetups, conferences or hackathons. This includes drafting event proposals, using our registration format, creating reports, etc.
  2. Share high-quality photos and videos from the events on social media.
  3. Manage logistics, content, and execution of the events. 
  4. Keep track of detailed records of budget, expenses, and receipts.

How does Filecoin Foundation support Orbit Ambassadors?

  1. Provide funding for the event, following proper procedures. This funding is intended to cover expenses such as venue rental, food & beverages, A/V, photography, swag, and other costs associated with your Filecoin event.
  2. Event management guidance.
  3. Marketing and communications resources.
  4. Ensure your event is listed on the Global Orbit Events Calendar and Filecoin Foundation’s Google Calendar.
  5. Access to potential speakers from the Filecoin network.
  6. Subject to approval, receive reimbursement for travel expenses.

Does language matter to host events?

No, you can host your event in your local language. If you have an English-speaking host/speaker/guest, you should have instant translation available (both ways).

How many Orbit Ambassadors are there?

There are currently over 80 Orbit Ambassadors, in just as many countries, building the Filecoin communities in their cities and regions.

Can University students apply? Can I apply if I am already a part of other software or Web3 communities?

Yes, of course. To both questions.

Do I need experience in community building to join Filecoin Orbit?

Not necessarily. Orbit Ambassadors include engineers who build on Filecoin Virtual Machine, writers who publish educational articles on popular websites about Filecoin, and event hosts who want to bring people together about something they are excited about (Filecoin!). You’re welcome to make the most of the Orbit program however it resonates with your background and goals.

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