Filecoin Ecosystem Security

Filecoin Foundation is deeply committed to the integrity and security of the Filecoin network. Robust security practices are vital for developing, maintaining, and operating resilient systems – enabling the Filecoin community to innovate and grow.

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What We Do

Incident Response and Monitoring

Filecoin Foundation facilitates a collaborative approach to network security for the Filecoin network. This includes monitoring and network-wide responders, spanning multiple organizations and projects, to facilitate 24/7 monitoring of the chain across time zones—setting the ecosystem apart in fostering a secure and resilient network.

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Security Audits

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    Get Your Project Audited

    Filecoin Foundation supports a security auditor network for developers in the Filecoin ecosystem. Interested in having your project audited? Contact the Foundation’s security team at

    Email us

Security Resources

Report Bugs

Bug Bounty Program

Filecoin Foundation offers bug bounties for reported security vulnerabilities on the Filecoin protocol. Earn up to 150,000 USD, paid in USD/USDC, for reporting critical vulnerabilities. Since launching our Bug Bounty program, we’ve paid out more than $400,000 in rewards.

Filecoin Foundation Bug Bounty
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Engage with Our Security Team

Filecoin Foundation security team is always looking to better understand the perspectives and needs of the Filecoin ecosystem. Feedback is invaluable!

Don’t hesitate to or meet our team at upcoming Foundation-hosted and community events.