We support a vibrant, decentralized ecosystem with many independent organizations that provide funding, coordination, and leadership to support Filecoin’s long-term success.
More than 230 organizations are working together in the Filecoin ecosystem to build applications, developer tooling, infrastructure, and more.
Community Governance

Onward and upward

The Filecoin Foundation governs the Filecoin ecosystem in a way that’s transparent, community-driven, and in line with the open-source ethos.
We believe Filecoin and web3 can be part of a better future for storing humanity’s most important information.

Ecosystem Advisors

The Filecoin Foundation Ecosystem Advisors are committed to providing resources, community support, and guidance to groups building on Web3.
Colin Evran
Ecosystem Lead, Protocol Labs
Michelle Lee
Product, Protocol Labs
Stefaan Vervaet
Ecosystems and Partnerships, Protocol Labs
Dietrich Ayala
IPFS Ecosystem Growth Engineer, Protocol Labs
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Accelerating the Filecoin Ecosystem

On these calls, we discussed recent DataCap allocation and application metrics, heard from various clients applying through the Large Dataset process, continued our discussion of Issue 217

Welcome to Filecoin Plus Day

Learn about the fundamentals of Filecoin Plus, a program designed to incentivize useful storage on the Filecoin network.