10+ Tools for Filecoin Storage Providers

Sep 26, 2023
Filecoin Storage Providers

For current and prospective storage providers, the Filecoin ecosystem offers tools, services, and platforms designed to streamline operations and enhance service offerings. The beauty of the Filecoin community is that you don't have to work alone.

Let's explore the vast array of "as-a-service" offerings for storage providers, the backbone of the Filecoin community.

Sales and Business Development-as-a-Service

Engaging with potential clients and expanding your user base is crucial. Companies like Distributed Storage Solutions, PiKNiK, and Seal Storage offer marketing and selling storage solutions. By leveraging their expertise, you can focus on your core storage offerings while they handle client acquisition and relationship management.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Building and maintaining infrastructure can be resource-intensive. IaaS providers like and Bitmain offer robust infrastructure solutions tailored for the Filecoin network. These platforms focus on data preparation tools and specialized storage servers.


Sealing is an important but nuanced process in the Filecoin ecosystem. However, you can use specialized services like Aligned to handle the technicalities of sealing, allowing you to focus on storage and retrieval.


Software solutions can significantly enhance user experience and operational efficiency. Companies like GhostDrive, Holon, and SteelDome offer software tools, such as a consumer user interface, data recovery, protection, and optimization. And the Filecoin REST API provides clear documentation for the S3 gateway.

Client Services

The Filecoin Client Explorer offers insights and analytics into the active clients using the Filecoin network. On it, you’ll find case studies covering how clients across industries – including media, life science, and research – use decentralized storage, as well as a look at data stored by industry and region.

Partnerships and Alliances

Filecoin Foundation collaborates with industry leaders, including AMD, EY, and Seagate, to support the growth of decentralized storage. And being a part of coalitions such as the Decentralized Storage Alliance amplifies the Foundation's connection to experts from top software, hardware, and infrastructure providers, while building a clear path toward enterprise adoption of decentralized storage.

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