AI, Data Verifiability, and Decentralized Storage - A Recap from FIL Vegas

Oct 23, 2023

This month, hundreds of Filecoin ecosystem participants from around the world gathered in Las Vegas to discuss decentralized storage in the age of artificial intelligence (AI). Let’s dive into some highlights from FIL Vegas.

This marquee event brought together Storage Providers with ecosystem enablers and AI leaders. The resulting collaborations seeded the ground for a new era in internet infrastructure.

What Happened in Vegas?

AI and data verifiability were the thematic pegs for FIL Vegas. Why AI? As Chris Hackney of AI Guardian explained, the growth of AI-related data is accelerating faster than anyone can forecast.

Businesses are thinking about how to preserve and prove the integrity of the datasets underlying their AI models. Decentralized storage provides a reliable solution for the massive datasets that are the backbone of these networks, offering unparalleled resilience, scale, and savings.

Keynote addresses from Scale AI’s Vijay Karunamurthy, AI Guardian’s Chris Hackney, and AMD’s Jörg Roskowetz explored emerging trends and challenges for AI innovation and set the stage for how Filecoin will play a major role in AI’s rapid growth.

We also heard from Kyle Samani and Mark Yusko on new avenues for growth across the Filecoin ecosystem. “The people here are the ones with incredible conviction and incredible passion, and I had some of the best conversations I've had in a long time,” Yusko said. “These are people building real tech with real solutions.”

Watch the talks.

Beyond the Main Stage

  • ESPA: This was the largest ESPA event in the accelerator’s two-year history, with over 100 attendees, 62 organizations from 17 different countries, and 70 workshops held during the week.
  • Decentralized Storage Alliance (DSA): This was the first event to bring together all 16 DSA organizations, including AMD, EY, and Seagate, to discuss the future of decentralized storage.
  • DeStor: The DeStor team hosted 23 workshops, five mainstage presentations, and recorded over 14 video interviews –– all dedicated to guiding the community towards increasing paid storage opportunities.

What’s Next?

To the hundreds of attendees from around the world who joined us on the ground in Las Vegas. Thank you! And a very special thank you to the sponsors of the week: PiKNiK, web3mine, Fluence, STFIL, SFT, and Huddle01. If you attended FIL Vegas, please take a moment to provide your feedback.

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