Announcing the Filecoin Community Roadmap

Apr 21, 2023

The Filecoin Community Roadmap was released last Friday. The Roadmap provides an overview of significant, upcoming enhancements to the Filecoin protocol and network implementations. It also charts exciting community projects and other initiatives that are currently underway.

The purpose of the Roadmap is to serve as an onboarding and reference document for all Filecoin community members. The Filecoin project is complex and globally decentralized, with many teams and sub-communities working on projects, FIPs, and other types of ecosystem improvements. The Roadmap is intended to provide guidance on what these projects are, amplify community efforts before they are publicly released, and help others to understand what network capacities and opportunities will be unlocked in the near future.

The Roadmap is also designed to be an iterative and community-driven resource that will be updated on a quarterly basis. The projects that are included are those that were submitted during the ‘Call for Contributions’ period. This process, of submitting projects and continuously updating the Roadmap, is designed to ensure that information remains relevant and community members remain public stewards of their projects. However, as a collaborative effort, the Roadmap is not an exhaustive or fully inclusive list of projects, enhancements, or other changes that may be ongoing.

The initial call for contributions period was open for approximately one month, from December 9, 2021 to January 7, 2022. Community members were notified of both the project and contribution period on Slack and Github. If a community member missed the previous project contribution window, or has an upcoming project they would like to submit, the next contribution period will open on March 2.

This 2022 Q2 contribution period will last for one month. During this period, the Roadmap Manager will update existing project statuses, incorporate new projects, and project the entire roadmap +1 quarter into the future. Improvements to the display and dynamism of the Roadmap will likewise be iterated upon each quarter. Over time, community members can expect to see the Roadmap incorporate more projects and transform into a reference tool that is increasingly accurate in its depiction of ongoing work and significantly more robust in its display of data.

The Roadmap is one of the first products to originate from the Filecoin Community Survey, which sourced feedback about Filecoin community opportunities and needs in 2022.

More information, including access to the dynamic Roadmap, is available on Github.