Bela Supernova Awarded Chainlink-Filecoin Joint Grant To Support Public Health Data Oracle

Apr 21, 2023

In 2021, Chainlink and Filecoin launched a joint grant initiative to accelerate the development of hybrid smart contracts that combine Chainlink decentralized oracles and Filecoin decentralized storage. The joint grant initiative supports teams building and researching hybrid smart contract applications powered by tamper-proof file storage and universal connectivity. In essence, these co-sponsored grants are designed to help extend the Web3 stack beyond on-chain computation to include decentralized off-chain computation, data, and storage.

We’re excited to announce that Bela Supernova has been selected to receive a Chainlink-Filecoin Joint Grant to support the development of a Chainlink oracle that will make medical statistics data accessible to various smart contract applications focused on responding to health crises, preventing disease, and promoting general well-being in the global population.

Bela Supernova is building an application that transfers medical data to Filecoin from Better HMS, a widely adopted hospital management system, using the openEHR protocol. The app will store private data securely on the Filecoin network and make public health statistics accessible on-chain through the Chainlink Network, enabling smart contract developers to build innovative decentralized applications in support of public health initiatives. With the Chainlink Network making the public data available on-chain as a shared source of truth, various entities responsible for supporting public health will be able to develop data-driven hybrid smart contracts that automatically and dynamically react to verified public-health-related statistics.

For example, this Chainlink node could support public health professionals in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Key information, such as the number of COVID-19 tests performed on a certain day, the number of positive tests, and ICU availability could all be made easily accessible on-chain, giving hospitals, government bodies, supply chain managers, insurance companies, and other stakeholders access to tamper-proof data that acts as a shared source of truth.

Through this grant initiative, Bela Supernova aims to complete the following deliverables:

  • Develop a working MVP that supports secure, encrypted decentralized data storage.
  • Build a public data gatherer to collect and organize medical data from the Better HMS application.
  • Deliver public medical statistics from Better HMS to the blockchain ecosystem in a manner that guarantees the integrity of the data.

Innovative development teams can use this public health data to build hybrid smart contracts that support public health initiatives by providing more efficient and interoperable infrastructure without compromising the integrity of data. Moreover, the use of Chainlink oracles can help address the lack of existing interoperability between legacy IT systems across the healthcare industry, which studies indicate precludes the realization of benefits generated by increased spending elsewhere in healthcare. Bela Supernova’s solution also gives public health epidemiologists and organizations the ability to directly measure the efficiency and efficacy of their services using smart contracts powered by tamper-resistant and highly secure datasets. Ultimately, on-chain public health data supports the implementation of more robust and impactful public health policies.

Leaders from Bela Supernova and Medicohealth with extensive experience across the healthcare, fintech, and blockchain industries are supporting this project. Bela Supernova CEO Sergey Cymbal, Blockchain Department Director Dmitrii Putilov, and COO Dmitrii Volodin bring their experience from the blockchain industry, while Medicohealth co-founders Milans Rajlic and Andrej Muzevic bring more than 25 years of experience across healthcare and technology.

“We are excited to receive this Chainlink-Filecoin Joint Grant. We believe that bringing key medical data to blockchains can have a profound impact on the healthcare industry and public health more broadly,” stated Milan Rajlic of Medicohealth. “By making health data more accessible via the blockchain ecosystem, we can help advance an array of innovative applications supporting public health initiatives.”

“We’re excited to have received this grant from the Chainlink and Filecoin Communities,” stated Sergey Cymbal of Bela Supernova. “With cutting-edge decentralized technologies from Chainlink and Filecoin and expertise from Medicohealth and Bela Supernova, we believe that we can empower smart contract developers to make a positive impact by supporting public health initiatives with decentralized infrastructure.”

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