Case Study: Redefining Web Presence, No-Code Tools Meet Decentralized Hosting

Sep 6, 2023

In this case study, we at Filecoin Foundation explore an innovative approach to website design workflow, leveraging the respective Filecoin, InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), and Fleek tech stacks.


Central to our approach was the integration of no-code tools such as Webflow, Udesly, and Decap CMS. These tools enabled our non-technical teams to design, manage, and update the website with ease, bridging the gap between decentralized technology and user-friendly interfaces. The end result is a no-code solution for hosting dynamic content websites in a resilient and decentralized manner on IPFS.


The primary objective of the overhaul process was to overcome challenges related to limited control, inflexible layouts, and lengthy turnaround times offered by traditional website design and hosting solutions.


By giving our non-technical marketing and design staff greater autonomy when making future modifications, we aimed to streamline operations and ensure our digital presence aligns with our core ethos of decentralization. We adopted Filecoin and IPFS to enhance the website’s resilience and reliability, and Fleek – which is built on IPFS – to offer hosting with immutability and decentralization. This integrated tech stack, combined with our no-code tools, allowed us to assume control over our website content, improve website performance, and ensure high reliability.

This case study uncovers a simple and transformative way to use Filecoin, IPFS, and Fleek as an alternative to traditional web hosting solutions, by offering increased reliability, and data integrity. This solution allows, for the first time ever, for non-coders and non-technical users to host dynamic content websites in a resilient manner on IPFS.

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