Dev Grant Spotlight: 4EVERLAND

Apr 21, 2023

This is the latest post in our series highlighting the builders and innovators creating new tools and services on the Filecoin network. Learn more about the Filecoin Foundation’s Dev Grants program.

4EVERLAND is a blockchain technology-powered cloud computing platform designed to help developers build Web3 applications efficiently, with technical features such as global acceleration, privacy protection, and distributed storage. Based on the technology of IPFS and Ethereum, 4EVERLAND significantly improves Data I/O efficiency and enables stable content storage, more efficient content distribution, faster network access, and storage fraud prevention.

4EVERLAND product releases include 4EVER-Hosting, which helps developers automatically build and launch projects on GitHub to IPFS. 4EVERLAND also created its First Landing and First Leap tools to promote hosting services, encouraging developers and projects to deploy front ends on IPFS that are separate from the front-end from centralized hosting services. Since its launch, 23,000 developers from 100 different countries are now using 4EVERLAND for diversified services such as global acceleration, data statistics, DWeb hosting, and more.

The group launched the Beta version late last year, aiming to further optimize hosting services and add statistics, as well as a billing function. By the end of this year, 4EVERLAND will also release its second product, ‘Bucket,’ which will support file storage based on IPFS. Additionally, the coming year will see 4EVERLAND’s main chain go live and the opening of a storage node application relying on Tee storage proof, complete with incentives and governance to guarantee the stability and efficiency of the entire storage layer.

Filecoin Foundation awarded 4EVERLAND a microgrant in recognition of its platform’s success and what these achievements are doing to enhance the Filecoin ecosystem. 4EVERLAND has already built a number of efficient storage nodes based on IPFS and is committed to developing API and SDK applications based on IPFS and Filecoin. This is continually making it easier and faster for developers to leverage Filecoin in building Web3 applications.

4EVERLAND will use the funding to continue building momentum and finding innovative ways to speed the adoption of Web3. For instance, 4EVERLAND’s DWeb hosting service has similar functionality to many IPFS applications, such as Fleek or Pinata. However, 4EVERLAND differentiates itself by using IPFS as the infrastructure of the storage layer, which is helping 4EVERLAND lower the threshold for developers to use IPFS in building Web3 applications.

Filecoin Foundation is proud to support 4EVERLAND as it continues to smooth the way for more innovation on the Filecoin ecosystem and broader adoption in the developer community of Web3 technologies!

The Filecoin Dev Grants program helps advance projects and aims to award additional grants to boost development in the ecosystem. Check out other grant recipients and learn how you can apply for open grants and Microgrants.