Dev Grant Spotlight: Portrait

Apr 21, 2023

This is the latest post in our series highlighting the builders and innovators creating new tools and services on the Filecoin network. Learn more about Filecoin Foundation’s Dev Grants program.

Portrait is the first open-source web page builder, allowing people to turn their blockchain address into a website. Portrait provides cryptographic proofs that verify the ownership and history of web pages designed on the platform. And Portrait web pages are automatically pinned to IPFS and Filecoin, allowing the sites to be secure and resilient by design.

The Portrait team was recently awarded a Filecoin Foundation developer grant to turn their proof of concept into an established, viable product. Portrait’s ultimate goal is to enable the Web3 community to express creative work and vision in a decentralized way– from custom blogs for writers to online portfolios for designers to landing pages for podcasts hosts.

On today’s centralized web, there are a handful of companies that control the majority of content and data on the internet. And people who host web pages on centralized servers don’t have full authority or control over the content they create and publish. Portrait aims to change that –by providing content creators and web-builders with the peace of mind that only they can control and verify their web pages.

Portrait’s web page builder is also decentralized by design. Through wallet signing, the platform adds a unique signature to every web page. And Portrait leverages Estuary, a user-friend platform to upload public data onto Filecoin and pin it to IPFS, to store each edit as a unique deal on Filecoin. This unique backend design helps content creators and web-builders to ensure their work is protected from start to finish.

Portrait is currently accepting entries to the beta waiting list at Users interested in testing the decentralized web page builder are encouraged to sign up. The Portrait team can also be contacted on Twitter at @portrait_gg, and you can follow the development of the project on the GitHub proposal page.

As a decentralized web page builder, Portrait is putting the user experience first. They are opening the door for everyone to experience the benefits of Web3 with a user-friendly solution for decentralized web development. Filecoin Foundation is proud to support Portrait as it continues to drive innovation in the Filecoin ecosystem and support the broader adoption of Web3 technologies!

The Filecoin Dev Grants program helps advance projects and aims to award additional grants to boost development in the Filecoin ecosystem. Check out our other grant recipients and learn how you can apply for Open Grants and Microgrants.