Ecosystem Spotlight: GhostDrive’s Secure, Decentralized Storage Now on Mobile

May 31, 2024
Filecoin Foundation and GhostDrive Logos

Last month, Google Cloud accidentally deleted a financial services provider’s private cloud account due to an ‘unprecedented misconfiguration.’ Although the client typically had redundancies in place, Google’s irreversible deletion of the client's cloud subscription caused a total loss of data. In reporting on this incident, ArsTechnica’s Ron Amadeo cautioned: "Don't put all your eggs in one cloud basket."

This incident highlights the glaring problem of single points of failure in the world’s data infrastructure –– a problem that the decentralized nature of the Filecoin network addresses. GhostDrive, a data management platform built on the Filecoin network, prioritizes user control and data security through encryption, decentralization, and novel storage optimization techniques.

Spotlight on GhostDrive:

As part of Filecoin Foundation’s work to showcase innovative teams building on Filecoin, today we’re shining the spotlight on GhostDrive, a platform that leverages Filecoin's decentralized storage to improve redundancy and security.

GhostDrive distinguishes itself from centralized cloud storage providers in several key ways:

Data Redundancy and Security

GhostDrive seeks to provide enhanced data redundancy and security through encryption and features like data tokenization, designed for efficient and secure digital asset management.

Storage Optimization

GhostDrive employs a compression algorithm that reduces file sizes without compromising data integrity, allowing users to store more data within the same capacity. For example, 1TB of uncompressed data could occupy approximately 2TB of optimized storage.

Greater Autonomy

The choice of decentralized storage limits unauthorized outside restrictions on your data from Big Tech and reduces the risk of downtime by avoiding a single point of failure or control.

Comprehensive Data Management

GhostDrive offers client-side encryption, file management tools, data tokenization capabilities, and file computing functionalities, providing a comprehensive solution for secure digital asset management.

Now Available on Mobile

GhostDrive is now available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, bringing the power of decentralized storage to your mobile devices. With the GhostDrive app, users can effortlessly manage their data; add, delete, or pin files to their node; and monitor the status and integrity of their digital assets within the Filecoin network.

Dig deeper: Explore GhostDrive's solutions through the documentation at and catch GhostDrive founder Roman Nebo’s keynote from FIL Bangalore where he explores the challenges and opportunities associated with traditional centralized storage systems and unveils new GhostDrive solutions.