FIL Austin 2022 Recap: FIL-ling You In

Apr 21, 2023

The only thing hotter than the Austin weather was the slate of programming at FIL Austin, a week of Filecoin community events set against the backdrop of Consensus, CoinDesk’s annual crypto conference in June.

On Tuesday, June 8, Filecoin storage providers gathered at The LINE Austin to learn, collaborate, and network with other storage providers, as well as notaries, and other participants in the Filecoin ecosystem.

FIL Austin Main Stage Day on Wednesday, June 9, brought together hundreds of community members across the Filecoin ecosystem, from builders to storage providers, researchers and investors.

On Thursday, June 10, the cryptoeconomics community gathered to share key insights regarding the health of the Filecoin network at CryptoEcon Day. And leaders from across the Filecoin ecosystem took the stage at Consensus on Friday and Saturday.

Announcing Explorer Awards by Filecoin Foundation and Unfinished

Filecoin Foundation and Unfinished launched the Explorer Awards, a joint program to support the growth of the decentralized Web movement and help others catalyze their Web3 learning. The awards include a $100,000 funding pool that will disperse between $1,000 and $10,000 to support projects that advance learning and development in decentralized technology. The award is intended to fund anything from an NFT workshop to a metaverse exhibition to a Web3 dinner event. To learn more about the project, visit

Starling Labs And Hala Systems Announce Cryptographic Submission to ICC

As part of the Filecoin ecosystem presence at Consensus, Jonathan Dotan, Starling Lab’s founding director, demonstrated the end-to-end technology workflow and roadmap as a model of how new cryptographic and decentralized technologies can help ensure digital documents are securely captured, stored, and verified in Ukraine. Starling Labs and Hala Systems announced a cryptographic submission of evidence of war crimes in Ukraine to the International Criminal Court — a legal and technical breakthrough with digital evidence registered and preserved on seven protocols, including Filecoin, across the decentralized web.

Filecoin Community Space

FIL Austin was also in the metaverse! The Filecoin Community Space, deployed in Decentraland, featured community-curated NFTs that told diverse stories around Web3 values. Attendees experienced a tour through our new virtual locale and heard from the folks that built the space about why these digital domiciles are so important moving forward.

Panels and talks at FIL Austin

Headlining FIL Austin was a full day of programming featuring two tracks and talks from Web3 thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and Filecoin ecosystem builders. From NFTs, to the metaverse, to actual outer space, discussions throughout the day focused on how the Filecoin network provides the infrastructure to build a resilient decentralized Web. Relive the whole experience with on-demand recordings of all FIL Austin Main Stage programming.