Filecoin Foundation 2022 Annual Report

Apr 21, 2023

Despite challenges for the blockchain space in 2022, the Filecoin network has continued to thrive – storing an unprecedented amount of humanity’s most important information and demonstrating the value of blockchain technology.

Filecoin Foundation (FF) is one of many organizations in the thriving Filecoin ecosystem. Our mission is to facilitate the governance of the Filecoin network, fund critical development projects, support the growth of the ecosystem, and advocate for the decentralized web. Despite challenges facing the industry, the Foundation remains focused on supporting the Filecoin ecosystem and the decentralized storage technology we believe is the backbone of the next generation of the web.

This report is a brief look at what the Filecoin ecosystem has achieved in 2022, and what’s ahead for the Filecoin Foundation in 2023. The Filecoin ecosystem could not have continued to grow and succeed last year without the support of an incredible community of developers, storage providers, storage partners, advocates, and more.

You can access the full Filecoin Foundation Annual Report here.