Filecoin Network Base at Consensus 2023 Wrapped

Jun 5, 2023

Against the backdrop of Consensus 2023, one of the largest annual crypto gatherings in the US, the Filecoin community converged at the Filecoin Network Base to highlight the builders, storage providers and storage clients bringing the project to life.

Across the week, more than 600 people visited the Network Base to co-work, network, and hear some amazing talks from folks within the Filecoin ecosystem and beyond.

Take a look at all the talks from FIL Network Base here!

Day 1 - Gaming on Filecoin

On our first day open to the public it was all about gaming on the Filecoin Network! We hosted a Chess meet up and watched some of our Gigabrains battle it out.

The rest of the evening featured a number of presentations on how Filecoin and the IPFS serve as foundations for immutable and interoperable web3 games.

Jacob Homanics, a former web2 developer who crossed over to web3, talked about the value proposition of this new model and how Filecoin and IPFS enable this new paradigm and from BZ on how Flow blockchain, Filecoin and Mocaverse by Animoca Brands are working together to simplify the blockchain gaming experience for casual players. Guests received an NFT for attendance and gained insights into the latest trends in blockchain gaming, while exploring the potential for these technologies to shape the industry's future.

The evening closed out with a talk from Leon Do, a software engineer for Open Source, on discovering the possibilities of the web3 gaming tech stack. He demoed his game built on IPFS, IPFS FPS.

Day 2 - CryptoEconDay

We had a packed house on Day Two for CryptoEconLab’s CryptoEconDay, gathering of web3 researchers and practitioners coming together to share findings, lessons learned and working together to answer some of the most pressing questions surrounding cryptoeconomics.

The day had a wide range of topics including:

  • Reserve & Market Making in Web3
  • ​​Goal Oriented Agent Based Modeling
  • ​​Programmable & Decentralized Key Pairs
  • ​​Emerging Use Cases of MEV
  • ​Applications of the ​Filecoin Virtual Machine

Day 3 - Filecoin Virtual Machine

Our last full day in the Riley building was dedicated to all things FVM! We provided our visitors with some strong use cases for how others are utilizing the network and proved just how far we’ve come as a community! Discussions featured a mix of developers, storage providers and even some of our Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web (FFDW) project partners on the amazing work they are doing to champion the Dweb.

Here are some of the learnings from the day and what audience members were able to take as insights:

  • Matt Hamilton, Principal Developer Advocate, Protocol Labs walked us through understanding a Filecoin storage deal flow, how to create a storage contract using smart contracts and demonstrated rolls with the Filecoin network locally.
  • Andrew Hill, Co-Founder of Tableland, discussed relational databases on FVM and paving the way for a new era of data centric applications.
  • Preston James, CEO and Co-Founder of DivInc, announced their partnership with DivInc to launch a Dweb for Social Impact Accelerator - applications are being accepted here.
  • Garrett Kinsman, Co-Founder of Nodle, showed the audience how AI generated content is unraveling civilization and how decentralized technologies will save the day.

Our audience learned even more about what they can achieve with FVM, with a panel entitled “Unlocking Cross-Chain Doors with FVM,” moderated by our own Clara Tsao. The group continued to explore more of the opportunities available for builders from other chains and ecosystems to take advantage of smart contracts on Filecoin. Panelists included Anshuman Prasad of Protocol Labs, BZ, Stephen Fluin of Axelar Networks and Andrew Hill of Tableland.

We closed out our programming for the day with a talk from Paul Brody of Ernst & Young discussing the utilization of decentralized storage for enterprise and we’re technology needs to be for enterprise adoption.

To close things out in Austin, Filecoin Foundation sponsored the Protocol Village at Consensus, a unique space geared towards developers. The village hosted hour-long programming sessions that dove into the latest trends in the crypto economy. In addition to fostering discussions, it also provided coders with insights into various grant programs and potential funding opportunities for their projects.

Video from consensus

We’re so glad that we were able to bring such an amazing community together to discuss all things crypto, Filecoin and so much more. It was a great week in Austin and we look forward to joining you all again in Paris in July for a FIL Paris event surrounding ETHCC!