Filecoin Storage Provider Spotlight — FilSwan

Apr 21, 2023

This is one in a series of periodic blog posts devoted to profiling Filecoin storage providers. In these posts, we examine what they bring to — and the benefits they derive from — the Filecoin ecosystem.

Storage providers need to keep up with evolving technologies that their clients desire to use. A perfect example of this is FilSwan, a storage provider that specializes in edge data and goes to great lengths to bring data closer to the data source. For FilSwan, the Filecoin network is an integral part of its specialized storage services.

Since 2018, the FilSwan team has provided decentralized storage and computing solutions by means of leveraging a combination of edge computing, IPFS/Filecoin storage, and decentralized ledger technologies. FilSwan provides a layer2 cross-chain solution for Web3 projects by integrating data, computing, and payment into one suite. Its client base includes universities, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) firms, and other high-performance computing companies and applications.

FilSwan products include a hosted FilSwan Platform for enterprises to integrate their business workflow with the Filecoin network. Additionally, they offer a Filecoin Simple Storage Service (FS3), a storage gateway that allows industry users to migrate large-scale data to the Filecoin network without redesigning their systems.

By employing these Web3 capabilities for edge storage and computing, FilSwan allows clients to perform computing tasks at their nearest location with the lowest cost — without forcing them to give up the Web2 tools and options that still work for them.

“Filecoin is a significantly helpful resource for storing edge data, no matter where the processing takes place,” explained FilSwan’s CEO, Charles Cao. “Our approach enables clients to process edge data on AWS or other centralized providers, and then use Filecoin for backup, cache, and archiving. It’s really a best of all worlds scenario for our clients.”

Through its work, FilSwan is helping position the Filecoin protocol at the heart of more enterprise use cases. With the vision of growing the ecosystem and accelerating the use of the Filecoin protocol for storage, FilSwan is currently building the largest fog computing network for the metaverse. It also created a smart contract-based Multi Chain Payment gateway integrated with Oracle technology for Filecoin storage.

The FilSwan team has received development grants from Filecoin Foundation and is a partner in onboarding community developers and companies to the Filecoin network. FilSwan has also participated in Filecoin events such as Slingshot, Filecoin Plus Day, and Space Race. The team has also served in MinerX and MinerX2 fellowships, Filecoin Global Ambassador, and North American Notary positions.

FilSwan is committed to helping grow the Filecoin ecosystem with viable decentralized storage options in an increasing number of use cases and enterprise environments.