Fresh From FF: Early June, 2024

May 31, 2024
Filecoin Foundation

⭐ Thanks for joining the Filecoin ecosystem at Consensus! FF hosted the Filecoin booth on the Consensus show floor, where attendees connected with community members and discovered how the Filecoin network enables decentralized AI, compute, and DePIN.

🔎 Filecoin Foundation shared its vision for driving widespread Filecoin adoption and ideas for community engagement. As one of many teams in the Filecoin network committed to the growth and success of the protocol, the Foundation outlines what some ecosystem leaders suggest are the keys to further expansion in 2024, including growing the client pipeline, increasing onchain activity, and demonstrating value over centralized storage options. Read more.

📹 The Defiant’s ETHDenver documentary is now stored on Filecoin. On a recent DWeb Decoded episode, The Defiant team uploaded their documentary –– Meet The Gigabrains Shaping The Future Of Web3 –– to the Filecoin network. Decentralized storage provides media organizations with increased data security and redundancy, ensuring that their valuable files are protected against single points of failure or data breaches.


Developer Advocacy

  • HackFS, one of the ecosystem's largest annual hackathons, is offering $40,000 in prizes across Filecoin tracks. Running May 17 - June 7, FF Developer Advocates Robert Dowling and Jenks Guo are supporting as project judges and mentors.
  • The Web3 AI Hackathon powered by Encode Club kicked off on May 30 with three Filecoin tracks: Privacy in AI Data, Trusted AI Development, and Filecoin and AI.


  • At Consensus, Head of Community Porter Stowell hosted a discussion and demo on AI agents specifically designed for the Filecoin ecosystem at Theoriq’s AI Odyssey: Unlocking Web3’s Next Frontier and gave a lightning talk about Data as an Asset Class. Follow more of the latest discussions across the storage provider community on Slack and tune in to the monthly Network Growth 2.0 call for some of the developments happening across the ecosystem.
  • The Foundation hosted the Good Morning Filecoin Ecosystem networking breakfast at Consensus to unite experienced storage providers with newcomers in the Filecoin ecosystem, where attendees discussed advancements in the network and built connections with the community.

Network Operations


  • The FIP 0092 one-pager about a caller-specified proving deadline for NI-PoRep is available on X. The FIP proposes allowing SPs to specify the window PoST proving deadline for sectors onboarded with NI-PoRep.
  • The monthly Community Governance call has been rescheduled to June 3. To stay up to date on meetings, join the #fil-gov Slack channel and add the meeting calendar.

Fil Plus

Comms, Marketing, & Events

  • Filecoin Foundation President Marta Belcher spoke on the Consensus Town Square Stage for a session on Defining Our Rights in a Digital Age.
  • Founding Officer Megan Klimen joined a DePIN panel at Akash Accelerate, a summit that explores the future of decentralized compute and open-source AI. Additionally, Megan was a speaker at the R3al World DePIN House, leading a session on Decentralized Modular Infra for DePIN.
  • Founding Officer Clara Tsao spoke on an Innovate Austin panel titled “Going Global: How Protocols are Expanding their International Footprint.”Clara was also a panelist on Decentralized AI Infra 101 at the MagnetAI Open House.
  • Alongside the Association of Cryptocurrency Journalists & Researchers (ACJR) and Hedera, Filecoin Foundation hosted a Media Meetup at Consensus for journalists and industry leaders.
  • Cami Russo, founder of The Defiant and author of The Infinite Machine, joined FF’s Aaron Stanley on DWeb Decoded to discuss her new documentary, the future of decentralized media, her background in journalism, and her path to crypto.
  • On May 30, Filecoin Orbit Austin and Filecoin Foundation hosted the Filecoin Orbit Web3 Fusion BBQ to gather builders in the Filecoin ecosystem to network and hear from some of the ecosystem's leading voices against the backdrop of Consensus.