Fresh From FF: Mid-March, 2024

Mar 15, 2024
Fresh From FF: Mid-March, 2024

Check out the latest updates about what the Filecoin Foundation team has been up to.

Mid-March Highlights

The Filecoin community came together for events hosted by Filecoin Foundation at ETHDenver, gathering founders, developers, and builders to learn about the latest network advancements, reflect on the evolution of the network, and share project highlights. More than 1,000 ETHDenver attendees stopped by FF’s Filecoin Booth for lightning talks and demos. At FIL Dev Summit, builders came together to contribute to the core protocol and network evolution of Filecoin. And at the Filecoin Orbit Ecosystem Showcase and Happy Hour, Juan Benet stopped by for a community AMA. For more talks and workshops, check out the Filecoin Foundation at ETHDenver YouTube playlist.

We’re celebrating 1 year since the launch of the Filecoin Virtual Machine! As of March 2024, 800+ FVM projects have created about 680,000 wallets and deployed 3,100+ unique contracts. Over this last year, dapp and smart contract builders have developed new features, integrations, and resources to enable a wide variety of projects built on Filecoin. Read more on the FF blog.

Dive deep into The Starling Framework in a new post guest written by the Starling Lab team. Co-founded by Stanford University’s Department of Electrical Engineering and USC Shoah Foundation, Starling Lab develops technology and protocols for digital records that can establish provenance and authenticity. Using its "Capture, Store, Verify" framework, Starling Lab is helping to build trust in digital assets such as photographs, websites, audio, and video.


Developer Advocacy

  • FF Solutions Architect Yan Bo Ng recorded a workshop for the Encode AI Hack, and FF Dev Advocate Jenks Guo has been providing technical support. Both Yan and Jenks will be judging projects.
  • During ETHDenver, Yan participated in a DePIN & AI panel at Fluence’s DePIN Day, and Jenks spoke on an ecosystem panel.


  • FF Head of Community Porter Stowell met with community members at ETHDenver to share how the network is positioned for sustained growth in his talk, Filecoin Innovation. Porter explored how the Filecoin network is progressing through its adoption lifecycle faster than most realize, thanks to advancements that make working with the protocol easier and more accessible.

Network Operations


  • Nv22 Dragon remains on track to go live on April 2. There are four FIPs in scope for this upgrade:
    • FIP0063 - Switching to a new Drand Mainnet Network
    • FIP0074 - Remove cron-based automatic deal settlement
    • FIP0076 - Direct Data Onboarding
    • FIP0083 - Ecosystem Tooling: Add Built-in Actor Events in Verified Registry, Miner & Market Actors

Fil Plus

  • The March 5 Filecoin Plus Governance Meeting recording has been posted. Check it out to learn more about the new allocator governance repo, hear updates from ETHDenver, dig deep into DataCap compliance, and more.
  • The Fil Plus team is preparing to distribute the first 5 Pib of DataCap for this cycle to allocators. As outlined in the March 5 meeting, technical requirements for the disbursement include a multisig physical ledger as well as a dedicated Github repository that the tooling bot can act against.

Comms, Marketing, & Events

Marketing & Comms

  • Dive into this excellent explainer of DePin on the FF blog. Filecoin is one of the broadest-reaching DePIN projects on the planet. Since Mainnet launch in October 2020, Filecoin has become the leading protocol for decentralized storage. More than 3,000 storage provider systems around the world contribute 7.8 exbibytes of raw storage capacity to the network, and 2.1 exbibytes of raw data have been onboarded to the network.
  • Check out our latest episode of DWeb Decoded with Vinny Lingham. Vinny came on the show to discuss the untapped opportunities and challenges in the decentralized storage space.
  • FF’s Head of Marketing and Communications Rachel Horn moderated a panel at SXSW on AI and open science, alongside EQTY Lab’s Arianna Fowler. EQTY recently debuted ClimateGPT, a new, advanced, trusted AI solution that registers the entire AI lifecycle on the blockchain and preserves the model data on IPFS and Filecoin. Watch the replay.


  • Join us April 5-8 at FIL Hong Kong, hosted by ND Labs, alongside the Hong Kong Web3 Festival, for storage provider-focused lightning talks, workshops, and plenty of coworking space for those in the Filecoin ecosystem! If you’re a Filecoin storage provider or want to explore decentralized storage for your business, join us for exciting talks focused on Web3 trends, decentralized storage, DePIN, and more.