From Roadmap to Reality: Three Takeaways on the Future of Filecoin with Jonathan Victor

Nov 29, 2023
From Roadmap to Reality. DWeb Decoded podcast with Jonathan Victor

Dweb Decoded is Filecoin Foundation's weekly podcast dedicated to discussing the latest advancements in decentralized technology, and exciting projects and ideas in the Filecoin ecosystem.​​​​​​​​​​ In the latest episode, we chatted with Jonathan Victor, Ecosystem Lead at Protocol Labs to talk about the state of the Filecoin ecosystem three years after the Mainnet launch and the path forward to turning Filecoin into a true marketplace for open data services.

In our conversation with Jonathan, we identified three major areas reshaping our understanding of decentralized storage. These takeaways are not just technical bullet points; they represent the larger narrative of how decentralized technologies like the Filecoin network are guiding the development of the future internet.

From the early potential of the network to the broader societal implications of a decentralized web, catch up on our chat with Jonathan Victor:

1. The Evolution of Filecoin - From Storage to Open Data Services

Jonathan Victor details Filecoin's journey from the project’s earliest stages to its current state as a hub in the decentralized web. The discussion explores how Filecoin, initially conceptualized as a decentralized storage network, is evolving into a comprehensive marketplace for open data services. This evolution is a major shift from cold data storage to an ecosystem where data is not only stored but actively exchanged, processed, and used in myriad ways.

Victor also highlighted the challenges and triumphs, as well as the developmental hurdles of pioneering a new technology. The Filecoin network’s potential extends beyond its current capabilities, promising a future where data is not a commodity controlled by centralized entities but a resource that's accessible and equitable, democratizing data access and empowering individuals and businesses alike.

2. Cross-Ecosystem Collaborations

Victor emphasized the significance of cross-ecosystem collaborations in the growth and functionality of the Filecoin network and decentralized storage as a whole. Filecoin’s story is not just about technological achievement but also about community building, as it highlights how a diverse group of developers, storage providers, and enthusiasts came together to build something revolutionary.

Victor points to a project with Solana to make all of Solana's history accessible, content addressable, and available via Filecoin. He also points to Glif, which was one of the first developer shops to build a web wallet for the Filecoin ecosystem.

These collaborations are pivotal because they enable Filecoin to support a wide range of data needs, from small-scale personal storage to large-scale enterprise solutions. And they foster a spirit of innovation, where different ecosystems can learn from and complement each other. This synergy is crucial for the advancement of the decentralized web, as it encourages the development of more holistic and integrated solutions.

3. Most Promising Developments for Filecoin Network

Victor identified what he thinks are the three most exciting areas to watch for the Filecoin network in the next 6-12 months: retrieval, compute, and scalability.

Retrieval Markets

Widening the aperture of what the Filecoin network can serve, retrieval markets like Saturn will heat up over the next year, bringing hot, CDN-style storage to the network. This will unlock a slew of applications that can be built on the network.


Compute-over-data (CoD) platforms like Bacalhau aim to shift computational resources to where data is stored, rather than moving data for processing. When deployed on decentralized protocols like Filecoin, this approach offers flexible solutions for data processing, providing efficient alternatives to traditional centralized systems in a world with Big Data and artificial intelligence.


Interplanetary Consensus (IPC) which will bring scalability to the Filecoin network, will unlock unmatched capacity and customizability, and enable new use cases.

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