Insights into Responsible AI with the Founder of AI Guardian

Oct 30, 2023

In the current generation of machine learning, an artificial intelligence (AI) model’s abilities are directly tied to the size and diversity of the datasets it draws upon. It’s important to think about how and where these massive troves of data are stored, and who can access them for the long term –– particularly if future regulations will require companies to prove the integrity of the data underlying their AI infrastructure. Decentralized data storage is a reliable solution for preserving AI datasets–– offering unparalleled resilience, scale, and cost savings.

Laying the groundwork for responsible AI adoption, AI Guardian is building a governance, risk, and compliance platform to help organizations harness the benefits of AI, while mitigating the risks and maintaining proper legal and regulatory compliance. Spearheading these efforts is Chris Hackney, the founder of AI Guardian, who recently joined Filecoin Foundation’s Dweb Decoded to discuss responsible AI and the urgency of establishing ethical safeguards in AI practices to avoid potential misuse or misinterpretation of AI technology. Here are a few takeaways from that discussion:

Hackney's predictions about the future of AI transcend technological development. He says the concept of data ownership and the value attributed to data will change significantly. Data will soon become an essential component of all AI systems with companies placing a greater emphasis on tracking, organizing, and retaining data that can be monetized in the future.

As AI continues its growth trajectory, a looming issue raises a major concern: the increased security threat associated with the surge of digital transformation, especially generative AI. According to Hackney, these AI-powered systems could become powerful tools in the wrong hands.

Organizations will need to enhance their security measures. A crucial part of this will involve having redundant data stored in multiple secure locations, minimizing the risk of compromise. This could be seen as a compelling case for tools such as the Filecoin network — a decentralized solution to ensure secure data storage while minimizing single points of failure.

The Filecoin network is designed to address internet centralization, providing a more robust, resilient, and cost-effective solution for storing large datasets. The Filecoin network is made up of a large number of diverse storage providers, so if one node goes down, multiple copies of the data are stored, and cryptographic proofs guarantee your data remains available and unchanged over time.

As the AI industry continues to grow, discussions for responsible AI will hopefully lead to innovative solutions and better governance, carving the path for a more secure digital future.

Catch Hackney’s talk from FIL Vegas 2023: Responsible AI for Enterprise Success | FIL Vegas 2023

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