Introducing co:rise Course: Building Web3 Applications and Filecoin/IPFS

Apr 21, 2023

The “Building Web3 Applications and Filecoin/IPFS” is a four-week introductory course focused on building applications on a blockchain with decentralized storage on Filecoin/IPFS. The course will cover Bitcoin, Ethereum, Filecoin/IPFS, and a bit of data science, while students complete programming projects. The collaborative, project-based learning experience will include mastery of blockchain infrastructure tools, knowledge of building Web3 applications, and an understanding of how to host app files on decentralized storage.

Despite the massive interest in Web3 and industry demand for software engineers familiar with building on these new platforms, such material is not included in many traditional computer science and software engineering curricula.

About the Course

In this course, Co:Rise and Filecoin Foundation will cover the fundamentals of building DApps on a blockchain and storing data associated with a DApp using Filecoin/IPFS.

Students will program a smart contract voting machine with anonymous elections, a NFT Pet Store on Ethereum with storage on Filecoin/IPFS, a decentralized ride share app, and complete a data science lab using blockchain data. Students will finish the course with the knowledge of the infrastructure tools used to build blockchain DApps, exposure to the Solidity smart contract language, and four assignments to include in their portfolio to show future employers.

Leading the course is Robert Dowling, Associate Engineer at Filecoin Foundation where he contributes to the foundation’s satellite program and its Web3 software engineering initiative, ProtoSchool. Robert is formerly the Founder and CEO of Alphagora, a robo-advisory offering portfolio management tools for client cryptocurrency portfolios, and formerly the Founder and COO of rePurpose, a plastic recycling financing platform in India. Robert has previously lectured University of Pennsylvania undergraduates on the complexities of the emergent culture of cryptocurrency.

Participants will also hear from Max Galka, CEO at Elementus and Pan Chasinga, Developer Advocate at Filecoin Foundation.

Who should take the course?

  • Web2 software engineers and developers looking to familiarize themselves with the Web3 development environment and gain a deeper understanding of building on decentralized platforms.
  • Web3 software engineers and developers looking to understand how to use a decentralized storage platform (Filecoin/IPFS) for their Web3 apps.

Why co:rise?

  • Learn alongside a small group of professional peers
  • Connect with experts through live sessions and office hours
  • Real-world project-based learning that teaches industry skills

Why decentralized web storage?

Decentralized file storage provides a more secure and robust way to store and access files on the internet, and serves as a key infrastructure for the new decentralized web. Filecoin’s decentralized storage system is designed to store humanity’s most important information.

Learn more about the topics and projects, and enroll for the course (space is limited) by July 8:

More about the course:

WEEK 1 — Bitcoin


  • Technological, financial, and social history of Bitcoin
  • What enables Bitcoin as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system
  • Use cases of blockchain and how Ethereum realizes them


  • Ethereum Developer Environment
  • Voting Machine on Ethereum

WEEK 2 — Ethereum


  • What enables Ethereum as the “world computer”
  • Various smart contract token standards
  • How NFTs use multiple platforms to accomplish the digital art use case


  • Token Standards
  • NFT Pet Store on Ethereum

WEEK 3 — Filecoin/IPFS


  • What enables Filecoin as a decentralized storage marketplace
  • How Filecoin and IPFS interact with each other
  • Other tools used for Filecoin/IPFS development


  • Ride Sharing DApp on Filecoin/IPFS

WEEK 4 — Data Science on the Blockchain


  • Useful data scraping techniques
  • Simple data analysis and machine learning techniques
  • Come full circle in understanding blockchain technology by seeing how its unique design enables data analysis not possible in other transaction systems


  • Data Science on the Blockchain