Join 20 Fascinating Startups on September 28 for Filecoin Launchpad Accelerator Demo Day

Apr 21, 2023

It’s time to register for the upcoming Filecoin II Launchpad Accelerator Demo Day, taking place September 28 @ 11:00 AM EDT!

Powered by Tachyon, an accelerator for early-stage blockchain and Web3 startups, the Filecoin Launchpad Accelerator is a full-time, fully-remote program for startups focused on the distributed and decentralized web. Twice a year, this program brings together the best founders across the world for an intense 12-week remote program to build validated, market-ready Web3 businesses.

On September 28, you can take in a day of demonstrations from the current cohort of startups working to build more open, interoperable and programmable tools, infrastructure, and applications for the distributed and decentralized web!

Below is a snapshot of each team. And you can find more information on these participants and details on their demos.

Autonomy Network is a project for decentralized automation, helping DEXes grow their volume.

Boto is a no-code platform where non-developers can create and share bots to automate their DeFi activities.

Clam Island gamifies investments with the power of blockchain, yield farming, and NFTs.

Huddln is a place for creators and their audience to connect and share the story behind their NFTs collections.

Tamago Finance is a DeFi protocol to create synthetic tokens for real-world adoption in Asia.

Nftfy enables fractional ownership for the world’s most valuable NFTs.

CID Gravity is building a 2nd layer of trust between Filecoin stakeholders, de-risking their data and increasing miner profitability.

0xEssentials provides permissionless gaming platforms where users bring their own NFTs to play, compete, and win.

Blockbets Corp. helps gamers earn money instantly on every game with the power of blockchain technology.

SmartFunds provides simple, automated, and compliant fund administration tools.

Hedgey is a protocol for adding options markets to any token.

Chestr is a community-powered, create-to-earn platform for digital artists.

Inflow Music is the first social token platform that enables artists to directly monetize their community, and rewards fans for their support.

The Convo Space is a decentralized conversation layer of the Internet, offering all the tooling and infrastructure to add a social layer to any platform, supercharged by Web3.

The Mona is a metaverse society for high-end, 3D art.

Paras is a Hedgey protocol for adding options markets to any token.

SkillWallet creates role-based NFT IDs that unlock the true potential of Web3 communities.

Fractio allows users to create digital assets that interact with the real world — without the need for code.

Nifty Royale is an NFT platform that distributes NFTs through gamified no-loss prize pools.

WeatherXM Inc. is a community-powered weather network that rewards station owners and provides accurate weather services to Web3 enterprises.

REGISTER NOW to see these startups in action on September 28 @ 11:00 AM EDT for the Filecoin II Launchpad Accelerator Demo Day! And don’t forget to submit your applicationto be part of the Winter 2021 cohort for the upcoming Filecoin Launchpad Accelerator III program!