New Wave 9 Developer Grant Recipients

Apr 21, 2023

The Filecoin Foundation and Protocol Labs award funding on a monthly basis to critical development projects to foster a more robust and efficient decentralized web through the Filecoin ecosystem. You can learn more about the DevGrants here.

For Wave 9, we’ve reviewed and awarded the following projects aligned with our strategic goals in providing a healthier ecosystem.

Lotus Farcaster v3
This new release for Farcaster, which is already used by more than 400 Filecoin miners worldwide, will offer more support to the new lotus split mode architecture and make it reusable for other projects by providing all the functions in a python module.

Cambrian Protocol
Cambrian Protocol employs the conditional tokens framework (CTF) to allow complex, secure interactions between participants. This grant will help bring smart contracts to the grants process used by Filecoin and other protocols.

Blockchain Solution for AI Using Filecoin
This project aims to use Filecoin storage network as data foundation to simplify the artificial intelligence and machine learning tasks so that scientists can focus on collecting, editing, publishing and sharing Natural Language Processing (NLP) domain open datasets, open algorithms and ML models for AI researchers and various industry applications. The grant will be used to build tools for users to upload, store, search and retrieve lists of creditable NLP datasets for use with open-source projects.

IPFS support in FFmpeg-based media players This project will make it possible to play video or open images directly through FFmpeg — an open-source software program used in many video applications as one of the libraries used behind the scenes to make an application on top of it.

Sector Repair Tool This project will create a sector repair tool that reduces sector loss damage and penalties for requiring to terminate sectors, and fix repair issues during sector maintenance.

KryptoSeoul Community Development KryptoSeoul will look to undertake community-building services for the Filecoin project as a community partner for Filecoin Asian Hackathon Season 2021 and other existing hackathons where appropriate. The group will also look to amplify Filecoin’s presence in Korea and provide introductions to strategic enterprises and partners in the country.

IPFSpace This project will look to build IPFS networkDisk, dataSharing, and dataQuery components for a data sharing platform based on the network disk model.

Metatron Protocol Metatron is a generic blockchain-agnostic P2P metadata versioning system that provides a way to establish universal ownership of 128-bit random numbers called eXtensible Identifier. This grant will support the launch of the protocol, which will allow Metatron to design and add an economic layer, such as Filecoin, to the protocol.

CryptoDocs This project will deliver a production-ready and business-capable alternative to Google Docs leveraging IPFS, Filecoin and Ethereum by building a collaborative document editing application that supports docs creation and editing, team-based access with SC Controls, encryption and more

Wave 10 and other upcoming grants

Wave 10 proposals are due Tuesday, August 31, by 11:59 p.m. PT for priority consideration. You can submit your proposal here. You can also find examples of previous proposals here.

Additionally, there are other grants that Filecoin Foundation is currently funding:

Hedera x Filecoin (Due August 30)
To encourage new projects that make creative use of these possibilities, Hedera and Filecoin are jointly offering up to USD $200,000 in grant funding for projects that focus on decentralized storage SDK and real-world applications. You can apply and find more information here.

Chainlink x Filecoin (Due September 17)
Chainlink and Filecoin are launching a joint grant initiative to accelerate development of hybrid smart contracts that combine Chainlink decentralized oracles and Filecoin decentralized storage within a single application. Full details can be found here. If you’d like to apply, submit a proposal here.

NEAR Protocol x Filecoin (due October 30)

Near and Filecoin are collaborating to find a USD $300,000 joint grants program designed to support developers interested in exploring new opportunities at the intersection of these two protocols. Upon receiving a grant, projects will also gain access to the global collectives of both NEAR and Filecoin to support product development and user growth. You can apply for the grant here.