Remixing the Art World with Blockchain Technology: A Q&A with ntent

Jun 21, 2023

The art world has traditionally been shrouded in mystery and unwritten rules. Now, Web3 is creating a more inclusive and user-centric experience, lowering the barrier to entry through decentralized technology. The blockchain is uniquely suited for the challenge, as it has proven to be a highly effective steward of transparency thanks to the metadata that remains linked to the chain for its entire lifespan.

Filecoin Foundation recently spoke with Dr.Banner, Blue Moon, and jiwa, co-founders of ntent, a collective exploring the intersection of art, fashion, and emerging technologies to create cultural moments that challenge the norms of the traditional art community by offering access to a wider audience.

Read on to learn how ntent is redefining how art is experienced and appreciated with its Web3 technology.

What is ntent, and how does it aim to revolutionize the art world?

We’ve always been creatives and in 2021 we recognized a growing opportunity in blending the benefit of blockchain technology with art. ntent is a creative belief fueled by the curiosity to understand what creates and preserves culture and how it's made accessible to everyone

We are an artist collective and kulturhaus designing new artistic realities through social experiments in art through decentralized technologies. We're building with artists, collectors, and institutions to push the limits of what's possible in this space and disrupt the current and limiting industry constructs. Our platform,, provides Web3 capabilities and offers a toolkit of features to support artists and mediums of all types, including a fully-featured backend for generative and multimedia art creation, advanced smart contract features, and blockchain-as-a-medium functionality.

On March 16th, 2023, we produced PETLS. This immersive experience combined generative art with physical environments to tell the story of growth in five parts, which opened the art world to a new and diverse community of creatives in Berlin.

How has your relationship with Filecoin Foundation impacted the development and growth of the ntent?

Independent research led us to IPFS and the Filecoin ecosystem. We felt confident that Filecoin and Protocol Labs are here to stay and that the team is genuinely passionate about helping build the foundation for our decentralized world, and not long after the discovery, we migrated our entire platform to use IPFS.

With Filecoin Foundation's support, we were able to build tools, including the open source library, ntent-archive, and fully integrate the deployment of art created and launched with to IPFS, which has drastically improved our art asset deployment workflows and ensured the longevity of our and our collaborators' works.

To showcase the new integration, we organized an activation in Berlin highlighting PETLS Photography Reel published on the platform, hosted on IPFS, and deployed using the tools created during the start of our partnership with Protocol Labs. This event was a springboard to show where ntent lives creatively and was successful in sparking interest in decentralized technology with the local art and cultural scene.

How does access and sustainability fit into ntent's mission?

We want to shape a new art culture that understands the necessity of making art accessible. Thanks to Web3 technology, we are creating inclusive experiences that help to amplify our vision of a fully sustainable world.

At ntent, we are focused on prioritizing sustainability. We are committed to a 200% carbon-negative blockchain footprint and ensure all our cloud properties are 100% carbon-neutral. In 2022, we retired over 600% of our carbon emissions on proof of work blockchains totaling 525 tons of C02. In addition, we have planted over 2500 trees and added 4 ETH to our Sustainability Investment Fund (NSIF). For those interested in contributing to the NSIF, all you have to do is purchase one of our artworks on the blockchain, and a percentage is automatically added to the fund to support sustainable initiatives.

We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion by creating welcoming spaces online, in person, and through the language we communicate with our audiences. We are adamant about clear and accessible communication on our platforms to underscore our mission of breaking down barriers and creating community-wise synergy.


What's next for

ntent is working to provide deep archiving capabilities for artists, galleries, and institutions built on decentralized technologies. We are in the early stages of building on Filecoin Virtual Machine and bringing AI into the fold to push the boundaries of creativity on the blockchain.

We believe Web3 is truly the gateway to making art and creativity more accessible than ever before. While the technology is still in its infancy, we are thrilled about what the future holds.

Filecoin Foundation is committed to preserving humanity's most important information. Our team works with organizations like, dedicated to offering transparent access to creativity in hard-to-reach communities. The mission to explore how the intersection of art, fashion, and emerging technologies can create cultural moments that make art accessible is one we feel deeply moved by. Learn more about ntent.