Venus v1.0.0 Passes Least Authority Security Audit

Apr 21, 2023

With the recent security audit performed by Least Authority, Venus has released venus v1.0.0, which will enable global storage providers and clients to store valuable data securely on Filecoin.

Venus is the Go language implementation of Filecoin dedicated to the improvement of Filecoin network security and applicability of distributed clusters. After three months of investigation and modification, Venus has passed the security audit done by Least Authority, a leader in conducting security audits for open source software development projects. The Venus team took Least Authority’s recommendations and revised key issues in the implementation, such as chain synchronization, key security, API stability, and structural rationality. Refinement of these critical areas improved the security and efficiency of the Venus implementation.

Since IPFSForce took over Venus in October 2020, the project has now achieved two milestones, including the first node deployed and the first storage (mining) pool built on the Filecoin network.

Read more about the new venus v1.0.0 implementation and check out the official audit report. Security audits are critical to the health and growth of the Filecoin network, and the Filecoin Foundation will support future audits of Filecoin implementations.