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FileMarket assists users of EVM-compatible blockchain wallets engaged in digital content creation to store it directly in the wallet without the risk of unauthorized access, with the ability to monetize through selling access on a public storefront.

The platform offers native solutions, integrating web3 technologies with user-friendly interfaces: content tokenization in EVM networks, secure and perpetual storage in decentralized storages, on-chain peer-to-peer data transfer, and a reward system for activities on the platform. Meanwhile, users benefit from fast permissionless onboarding to the platform, secondary market with royalties, low fees and familiar instant cryptocurrency payments.

In the Encrypted FileToken protocol (EFT), our objective was to decentralize the role of the trusted third-party responsible for fraud checks. Filecoin's properties, including access to data storage through FVM actors and the use of Rust for encryption protocols, make it an ideal solution. Solidity implementations of NFT standards like ERC721 or ERC1155 can be seamlessly integrated using FEVM, with encryption tasks handled efficiently by FVM actors. The combination of Filecoin's storage, FVM actors' encryption capabilities, and compatibility with Solidity ensures a secure and decentralized system for fraud verification.

  • Data Curation & Monetization
  • Photo & Video
  • Decentralized Personal Information Networks
  • Data Storage & Management
  • Public Data