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Fog Works, Inc.

Fog Works is a leading web3 company in decentralized data storage. Founded in 2022 and invested by Okx Ventures, Draper Dragon, Lingfeng Capital, and others, Fog Works has been named one of the top 15 US innovative storage startups in 2023. OKx endorses Fog Works as one of the fast-growing portfolio startups in 2024. Its flagship product, Foggie Max, the world's first DePIN server, offers decentralized storage accessible to everyone. It allows users to earn $DMC, use IPFS pinning, integrate IoT devices, mint NFTs, and more.

Fog Works develops software that provides consumers with complete control over their data and applications, enhances privacy, and enables monetization of both data and infrastructure. The introduction of the innovative Foggie product series, featuring an affordable AI-enabled decentralized storage solution based on DMC Chain, has positioned Fog Works as one of the top U.S. data storage startups influencing the 2023 Market.

Fog Works leads the industry with the world's first DePIN Server, Foggie Max, and the DePIN Mobile App, Foggie Mobile. These empower users to: (1) integrate IoT devices; (2) back up their data; (3) manage access control with a personal AI-enabled Web3 assistant; (4) run fully decentralized apps; (5) accelerate their IPFS content and earn FIL; (6) mint NFTs; and (7) earn DMC rewards. In a strategic move, Fog Works pioneers the migration of Web2 data through a partnership with the San Francisco Photography Association, establishing itself as a trailblazer in secure data storage in Web3.

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