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Traditional web hosting relies on centralized servers, creating potential vulnerabilities due to single points of failure. The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), a peer-to-peer network for storing and accessing websites, offers a decentralized alternative. However, IPFS utilizes lengthy content hashes for data identification, hindering user experience.

Blockchain-based naming services bridge this gap by linking content hashes to user-friendly names. However, most web browsers lack native support for these services, necessitating gateways. Gateways act as intermediaries, translating blockchain-based name service requests into retrievals from corresponding IPFS hashes. They essentially bridge the gap between traditional browsers and the decentralized web.

The current challenge lies in the inherent trust required for these gateways, as they function as centralized components within a decentralized system. Marlin provides an innovative solution: a decentralized gateway ensuring tamper-proof resolution and confidentiality. This eliminates the need for trusted intermediaries, furthering the vision of a truly decentralized web.

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