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Nebula Block is a premier Web3 infrastructure provider, renowned for offering comprehensive Web3 hosting solutions worldwide. Our core competency lies in providing customized turnkey datacenter services, including high-performance GPUs and bare metal offerings, as well as decentralized computing, storage, and Blockchain as a Service solutions. Our commitment is to drive innovation and uphold excellence in Web3 infrastructure.

As a data center services provider and blockchain practitioner, we are one of the earliest participants in the Filecoin ecosystem in North America. Nebula Block has been contributing to the Filecoin network and ecosystem since 2020. Currently, Nebula block is one of the biggest web3 hosting providers in North America, which works with 4 data centers across the world, and hosts more than 3000 servers with 700 PiB storage.

With years of ample development and operational experience in web3, Nebula Block team also provides “one-stop shops data center” solutions for storage providers participating in the Filecoin network.

  • Data Storage & Management
  • GPUs
  • Storage Software
  • Storage Infrastructure
  • Storage Provider
  • Storage Services