Fresh From FF: Early March, 2024

Mar 1, 2024
Fresh From FF Early March, 2024

Check out the latest updates about what the Filecoin Foundation team has been up to.

Early March Highlights

Dive into the FF and FFDW Annual Reports to learn more about the work of these two organizations! The FF annual report highlights the organizations’ accomplishments in 2023 –– from events, network-wide initiatives, partnerships, and governance, to network upgrades and core infrastructure improvements. It also provides a touchpoint to reflect on the potential of the Filecoin network, the promises of the decentralized web, and the mission of the Foundation. The FFDW annual report outlines the progress achieved by FFDW and its exceptional roster of project partners in creating profound and wide-reaching impact during a moment of growing interest and appreciation for decentralized values.

Filecoin Foundation announced the formation of the Developer Working Group (DevWG). Community members can share knowledge and perspectives in areas that incorporate their technical or industry expertise, raise challenges and questions for collective deliberation, advocate the importance of developing in specific areas of the Filecoin Network, provide updates on projects and plans within the Filecoin ecosystem, and discuss open FIPs and develop a coordinated presence in the Filecoin governance process. Learn more on the ReadMe and join the #dev-wg Slack channel to participate.

FFDW hosted the inaugural Social Impact Summit on February 27. Co-hosted with the Blockchain Law for Social Good Center (BL4SG), the Summit dove into how emerging technologies can create lasting impact, empower communities, and foster collaboration across diverse industries. The Summit welcomed a diverse audience – from academics, to changemakers in the human rights space – to learn about socially beneficial use cases of decentralized technologies, including FFDW project partners Flickr Foundation, Guardian Project, MuckRock, and Starling Lab.


Developer Advocacy

  • The Developer Advocacy team is on the ground at ETHDenver, speaking at events across town. Book a meeting with them at the Filecoin Booth at Devtopia, Booth 204. Plus, check out the full schedule of Filecoin community events this week in Denver.
  • At the Dora Hacks Data Economy Hackathon on February 20, Jenks Guo and Yan Bo Ng’s talk on  FVM & AI was livestreamed by more than 6,000 people. Watch the replay.


  • Check out these new tools for SPs:

    • The Data Onboarding Dashboard and API for CIDgravity offers a seamless onboarding experience, designed to streamline the process for clients and offer onramps for engaging with SPs who manage their deal flow through CIDgravity.
    • New software platforms such as Steeldome, Lighthouse, GhostDrive, and Banyan are supporting deal-making and help driving more data onto the network.
    • Web3Mine is helping SPs build a viable, performant cloud storage business with Web3 tech for operations looking to further monetize storage capacity while simplifying Filecoin orchestration.
  • Porter Stowell presented on the Filecoin network's incentive model, the role of storage providers, and the opportunities for developers at FIL Dev Summit.

  • Join the #global-storage-provider-community channel on Slack for more of the latest updates.

Network Operations


  • The timeline for nv22 Dragon has been updated and is now slated for April 2. There are four FIPs in scope for this upgrade:

    • FIP0063 - Switching to a new Drand Mainnet Network
    • FIP0074 - Remove cron-based automatic deal settlement
    • FIP0076 - Direct Data Onboarding
    • FIP0083 - Ecosystem Tooling: Add Built-in Actor Events in Verified Registry, Miner & Market Actors

Fil Plus

  • The Fil Plus team shared updates on the 5th round of elections and the new notary allocators at FIL Dev Summit.

Comms, Marketing, & Events

Marketing & Comms


  • Check out the Filecoin at ETHDenver website for all of the Filecoin community events happening throughout the week.

  • The Filecoin Orbit team announced an ETHDenver bounty to build an app to track and reward the activities of the Filecoin Orbit ambassador program in the form of NFT “achievements” and associated ERC20 token reward points. The aim of the bounty is to build an app that creates a standard rewards system for the Orbit program on FVM.

  • Don’t miss our upcoming community events!

    • 4/5-4/8 - FIL Hong Kong hosted by NDLabs alongside Hong Kong Web3 Festival
    • 4/13-4/14 - Funding the Commons SF, sponsored by FF
    • 4/16 - 4/19 - Token2049 Dubai Filecoin Orbit Meetup Event


  • BL4SG hosted its first Lunch and Learn, led by FFDW teaching fellow Charles Belle, an AI law professor, and a computer science professor at USF. This discussion focused on emerging technologies, including AI, privacy law, and civil rights.
  • Guardian Project published guidance on how to use Proofmode to upload to Filecoin and IPFS, per their Baseline project! So far, Guardian Project has uploaded over 100GB to Filecoin/IPFS.