Fresh From FF: Mid-May, 2024

May 15, 2024
Fresh From FF: Mid-May, 2024

Check out the latest updates about what the Filecoin Foundation has been up to.

Mid-May Highlights

🏛️Filecoin Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of Metropolis, a temperature check and crowdsource polling tool to enhance the network governance process, built in collaboration with Canvas Technologies. Metropolis was created as a fork of the open-source tool, which has been used to support digital democracy efforts in countries around the world.

🏰Thanks for joining us on the Orbit Europe Tour! Over the past few weeks, more than 600 builders attended Filecoin Orbit events in Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, Warsaw, Katowice, and Munich. Thanks to our Ambassador hosts Adrien Berthou, Ainhoa Aldave, Martyna Jeute, Diogo Almeida, and Timo Lee. For more information on upcoming Orbit events and how to get involved, visit the Filecoin Orbit hub.

🌵See you at Consensus, May 29-31, in Austin, Texas! Find Filecoin Foundation and Filecoin ecosystem teams at events throughout the week and at Booth 1254 on the Consensus show floor, where you can use our code FilecoinC24 for 25% off your Consensus ticket.


Developer Advocacy


Network Operations


  • Check out these three community governance working groups: the Storage Provider Working Group (SPWG), the Developer Working Group (DevWG), and the Data Clients Working Group (DCWG).

    • The SPWG holds weekly calls to discuss the latest developments for Filecoin Storage Providers. Join the #global-storage-provider-community Slack channel to get involved.
    • The DCWG welcomes participants to share their data upload experiences, identify hurdles and solutions for uploading data, and discuss how the Filecoin ecosystem can support data onboarding. To join, send us a note.
    • The DevWG is a space to connect with developers, community members, researchers, and others interested in the development of new tools, technologies, and use cases that leverage the Filecoin protocol. Join the #dev-wg Slack channel to get involved.
  • Announcing Filecoin Improvement Proposal (FIP) one-pagers! These one-pagers offer easier and clearer ways to interact with FIPs. Check out the first one: FIP0090: Non-Interactive PoRep.

Fil Plus

  • The Filecoin Plus team announced the Request for Allocators (RFA) to seek out new pathway creations. The goal is to encourage the community to run allocators in other meta-pathways and contribute to a growing, healthy ecosystem promoting faster allocation of DataCap to compliant SPs.

Comms, Marketing, & Events

Marketing & Comms

  • FF’s Aaron Stanley interviewed Austin Federa, head of strategy at the Solana Foundation, on the latest episode of DWeb Decoded. Check out the interview to learn more about Solana's Filecoin integration.
  • The Q1 2024 Messari Report for the Filecoin Ecosystem is live! Check out the latest edition of the Upload and the FF blog for takeaways from the report.
  • Leaders from across Web2, Web3, research, and philanthropy came together at Funding the Commons, featuring several Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralized Web (FFDW) project partners, who shared their visions for the path forward for public goods and OSS funding in domains from human rights to visual art.


  • Filecoin Foundation is hosting a booth at Consensus 2024 in Austin May 29-31. We encourage anyone in the ecosystem to drop by Booth 1254 and chat with Consensus attendees. Plus, join us for a networking breakfast to unite experienced storage providers with newcomers to the Filecoin ecosystem. Interested in visibility opportunities? Come on board as a sponsor if you’d like to host a demo or office hours at the Filecoin booth.
  • FF’s Megan Klimen spoke at the British Blockchain Association's virtual forum on May 8 about building the next generation of data storage with Filecoin.
  • FF President Marta Belcher spoke at the AGI: Cryptography, Security & Multipolar Scenarios Workshop at the Foresight Institute on May 14.
  • FF is hosting the Stand for Privacy Happy Hour alongside Brave and ZCash on May 30 to celebrate collaboration on privacy-enhancing tools.