Introducing the Wave 7 Developer Grant Recipients

Apr 21, 2023

The Filecoin Foundation and Protocol Labs periodically award funding to critical development projects to foster a more robust and efficient decentralized web through the Filecoin ecosystem. The Filecoin Dev Grants program is designed to:

  • Reward ongoing and existing contributions that add great value to the Filecoin ecosystem
  • Inspire more contributors to solve open problems and engage with the Filecoin project
  • Seed the creation of new products, businesses, and tools to increase the utility of Filecoin

Wave 7 Recap and Outlook for Wave 8

Wave 7 Dev Grants have been reviewed and awarded! Below we highlight some of the projects that were selected in this round, so you can dive deeper and learn how they’re enhancing the Filecoin ecosystem.

Proposals for Wave 8 Dev Grants are currently being accepted until June 30th at 23:59 PDT. Submit your project proposal by the deadline for early consideration, and contribute to the innovative programs expanding Web3 and the Filecoin ecosystem.

Read more about proposal guidelines and apply by making a PR to the dev grants repo. Wave 8 RFPs focus on tools and solutions to enhance the mining experience. We also accept open grant proposals where you can suggest your own Filecoin project idea. For questions, reach out to us in Filecoin Slack in the #fil-devgrants channel or contact

Wave 7 Highlights

FS3 — an S3 Compatible Storage Gateway to Filecoin

Charles Cao from the Filswan team plans to build a Filecoin S3-compatible API (Application Programming Interface) that allows industry users to migrate their data to the Filecoin network with minimal effort. This tool will enable developers and clients to seamlessly transition from Amazon to Filecoin, attracting new users to the ecosystem.

Geo Web

The Geo Web project is a set of open protocols and property rights for anchoring digital content to physical land. IPFS and Filecoin integration will create a peer-to-peer alternative to centralized network giants. Because of its roots in the physical world, Geo Web will engage and onboard non-technical users that wouldn’t normally be drawn toward the distributed web, bringing new users, use cases, and tools to the Filecoin ecosystem.

OpenRPC + Filecoin

Zachary Belford of the team that developed OpenRPC, an API description language built for JSON-RPC, is building a Filecoin-hosted Docs Generator site for the Lotus network. The site will be backed up by glif nodes and will improve tooling and testing functionalities, which will allow Filecoin developers to more easily generate and deploy documentation.


Go-graphsplit is a tool used for splitting large datasets into graph slices fit for making deals on the Filecoin network, which will streamline data retrieval. The FileDrive team is one of the leading storage competitors on Slingshot and their launch of go-graphsplit represents another significant contribution to the ecosystem.

Lighthouse Filecoin-Ethereum Infra

Lighthouse provides a way for Ethereum smart contracts to request Filecoin storage of content identifiers (CIDs) in IPFS via Textile’s Powergate. With this cross-chain infrastructure, DeFi and NFT-related projects building on the Ethereum blockchain will be able to employ Lighthouse for verifiable storage on the Filecoin Network.

Music NFT Portal

The Music NFT Portal will enable musical artists to store and share their work on the Filecoin network, as each piece will be assigned a unique and immutable IPFS address. Fei Yan, a Filecoin miner and longstanding contributor to other Filecoin ecosystem projects, seeks to create a secure platform where artists can easily create, store, and manage their (Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collection and visitors can browse and search within the assortment of NFT’s.

Filecoin Mining SRE Community

The proposed Filecoin SRE (Site Reliability Engineering) community in the Filecoin ecosystem has a mission to incubate the community to create scalable and highly reliable Filecoin mining systems from the aggregated experience of the traditional operations of SRE. The Filecoin Mining SRE Community would help new and established miners flourish through organizing regular meet-ups, publishing a Filecoin Beginner Handbook, and producing a Filecoin podcast.