Fresh From FF: Early July, 2024

Jul 1, 2024

Early July Highlights

🇧🇪 The FIL Brussels schedule is live! Explore decentralized AI, DePIN, and compute with more than a dozen innovators speaking across three days, including Akash Network CEO Greg Osuri, Theoriq Head of Marketing Anjali George, Bagel Network CEO Bidhan Roy, Futurist Michael Clark, Lighthouse Founder Nandit Mehra, Filecoin Foundation Founding Officer Clara Tsao, FF Head of Community Porter Stowell, and more! See the full schedule.

💾 Software storage solutions to watch. There are dozens of ways to store data on Filecoin. From user-friendly mobile apps to enterprise-grade data onboarding platforms, the Filecoin ecosystem includes various tools designed to cater to different storage needs. Read Filecoin Foundation's deep dive into the growing list of software services making a big impact in the Filecoin ecosystem.

📣 Announcing the data onboarding RFP. The program supports teams building paid products focused on embedding Filecoin as core infrastructure in the broader Web3 community. Applications can range from use cases making Filecoin the default storage layer for compute, to helping scale the archiving requirements for DA layers and L1s, to enabling Filecoin to be the home for decentralized social networks. Learn more.


Builders Funnel

  • Apply for a devgrant and help build the Filecoin ecosystem! Several new grant categories are accepting applications, including Open Grants, FF's flagship grants program; Documentation Enhancement Grants, and the Data Onboarding RFP.
  • Register for the ETHGlobal Brussels Hackathon, July 12-14, and build on Filecoin! $20,000 in prizes are available for the Filecoin track in the data apps, AI tools, and privacy tools categories.


Network Operations


Fil Plus

  • Join FF's Galen McAndrew at FIL Dev Summit for his session on The Future of Filecoin's Incentive Structures. This session will explore potential changes, challenges, and opportunities for storage providers and developers on how these incentives can drive innovation and growth within the Filecoin network.

Comms, Marketing, & Events

  • Join developers, builders, and engaged community members who want to contribute to the evolution of the core protocol and Filecoin network at FIL Dev Summit.

  • Build with us at FIL Brussels across three days of programming in decentralized AI, DePIN, and compute.

    • July 8: FIL Fest, in partnership with CoinDesk Studios. Hear it here first! Catch the latest breakthroughs from reps from leading ecosystem projects in the Filecoin ecosystem as they build an in-demand open data economy.
    • July 9: Cloud & Compute Day. Explore Web3’s hottest sector, DePIN, and learn about the possibilities unlocked by decentralized storage and compute-over-data advancements as DePIN creates scalable alternatives to centralized systems. Register for the Infra 3.0 DePIN Deep Dive to explore the latest topics and research in the realm of DePIN, decentralized cloud services, multi-party computation, decentralized RPC, and more.
    • July 10: AI and Data Economy Day. Join us as we explore why data is destined to become one of the world’s largest asset classes and how decentralized data networks like Filecoin underpin the value of data — from AI agents to data marketplaces to use case-specific LLMs.