Signal Spotlights: Software Storage Solutions Built on Filecoin to Watch

Jun 24, 2024
Logos for Lighthouse, Titan Storage, CIDgravity, GhostDrive, SteelDome, and Decentrally

There are dozens of ways to store data on Filecoin. From user-friendly mobile apps to enterprise-grade data onboarding platforms, the Filecoin ecosystem includes a range of tools designed to cater to different storage needs. Whether you prioritize perpetual archiving, data privacy, or seamless integration with Web3 applications, there's a Filecoin-based solution tailored to your requirements. This vibrant ecosystem empowers users to take control of their data, leveraging the power of decentralization, encryption, and robust storage optimization techniques.

As a continuation of Filecoin Foundation’s recent outline of key initiatives and community involvement to drive widespread decentralized storage adoption, let’s explore some of the growing software services making a big impact in the Filecoin ecosystem.


Lighthouse, a perpetual data storage solution built on the Filecoin network, lets users make storage deals once, and store their files perpetually. Lighthouse incorporates encryption features and access control mechanisms to enhance data security and privacy.

Lighthouse focuses on serving as a decentralized storage layer for Web3 projects and applications across various sectors like NFTs, AI, and DePIN. The platform aims to cater to the storage requirements of blockchain ecosystems by offering tailored services aligned with the principles of decentralization.

What’s new with Lighthouse? Eternal AI, a Bitcoin L2 blockchain powered by Bitcoin Virtual Machine designed explicitly for executing AI smart contracts and storing AI models, will use Filecoin’s scalable storage layer via Lighthouse for storing AI models. Learn more.


CIDgravity is a marketplace streamlining enterprise and ISV data onboarding onto Filecoin, providing a cost-effective and automated pathway using a zero-knowledge solution. With over 38 PiB of live data and 44 million transactions across 200 miners globally, CIDgravity is a premier data onboarding solution within the Filecoin ecosystem, driving the adoption of decentralized storage.

CIDgravity focuses on deal matching and tracking while enabling direct data access between clients and storage providers in the Filecoin ecosystem. With 540 clients served, CID Gravity offers a comprehensive pricing and client management solution tailored for Filecoin storage providers.

CIDgravity is a great tool for enterprises and independent software vendors looking to onboard and store extensive data volumes. Platform features include real-time service provider availability tracking, customized reputation scoring, and tailored price-matching algorithms.

What’s new with CIDgravity? With the launch of the CIDgravity Gateway, clients can now find the right storage providers and onboard data onto Filecoin easily.


GhostDrive is a data storage platform prioritizing privacy and security through encryption, decentralization, and novel storage optimization techniques.

Ghost Drive offers data redundancy and security through encryption and features like data tokenization, designed for efficient and secure digital asset management. Ghost Drive also provides storage optimization by employing a compression algorithm that reduces file sizes without compromising data integrity, allowing users to store more data within the same capacity. For example, 1TB of uncompressed data could occupy approximately 2TB of optimized storage.

What’s new with Ghost Drive? GhostDrive is now available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, bringing the power of decentralized storage to your mobile devices. With the GhostDrive app, users can effortlessly manage their data; add, delete, or pin files to their node; and monitor the status and integrity of their digital assets within the Filecoin network.


SteelDome is a software company specializing in data storage and protection solutions. Their approach leverages software to replace traditional hardware components in data storage infrastructure.

SteelDome's solutions are designed to provide enhanced data protection capabilities, virtually unlimited storage capacity, and accelerated data recovery times compared to hardware-based systems. A software-centric approach enables cost savings for SteelDome customers.

SteelDome's focus is safeguarding data against cyber threats, such as cyberattacks and ransomware, while also ensuring secure data backup and efficient recovery processes. The solutions aim to streamline data protection processes for customers across various storage environments, including public cloud, private cloud, and decentralized blockchain platforms.

SteelDome offers proprietary technology that enables fully managed solutions with predictable pricing models, aiming to drive cost reductions and facilitate faster deployment times compared to competing offerings in the market.

What’s new with SteelDome? The team announced the general availability of StratiServ, its enterprise virtualization hypervisor and management platform.


Decentrally is unlocking fully verifiable data storage by providing a solution for storing and delivering large amounts of data within an S3-compatible object storage system, where its decentralized design ensures enhanced privacy, ensuring that only the user has access to their data.

Through Datadrop and Filecoin S3, Decentrally aims to redefine data storage by integrating with Filecoin's decentralized network to provide a robust, secure, and efficient method of managing data.

What’s new with Decentrally? Using its S3 CLI, Decentrally can streamline workflows with its intuitive S3-compatible API and IPFS integration, allowing for a seamless transition of Web2 apps to decentralized Web3 storage.

Titan Storage

Titan Network is a digital resource network that incentivizes matching community idle resources with global demand, making it easy for everyone to leverage the power of DePIN services and participate in the construction of the Internet of Value. Right now, Titan Network is building a DePIN platform for aggregating digital resources like compute, storage, and bandwidth.

For the storage element of the platform, Titan Network is behind Titan Storage, a hot data storage solution integrated with the Filecoin network. Titan Storage enables users to efficiently store data on Filecoin through an intuitive graphical interface, eliminating the necessity for an in-depth understanding of Filecoin’s mechanics.

What’s new with Titan? The Herschel Testnet is Titan Network’s second testnet, offering enhanced rewards and gameplay, and more efficient solutions for data storage and processing.